Trades for Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017: + $694 Profits

11 Oct Trades for Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017: + $694 Profits

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9:49 – SHORT 3000 SQ 31.47avg, COVERED 2500 at 31.36, out + .11, COVERED 500 31.25, out + .22       =            + $385

10:03 – SHORT 900 PYPL 61.57avg, COVERED 61.43, out + .14        =          + $126

10:05 – SHORT 1500 SQ 31.64avg, COVERED 31.52, out + .12         =          + $180

Total   P/L:       + $694 Profits

PYPLSQfib10112017-labelled PYPLSQdouble618shortd-101120170labelled


SPY chopped flat off the open. We hit SQ SHORT initially at the 31.47avg near the .618 fib at 31.68 but not enough steam so we scalped the leans back down towards the 31.22 fib. We got another chance to SHORT PYPL AND SQ into their .618 fib resistances for nice reversions again to scalp as these were slow grinds. Precision comes into play to lock out the scalps into the liquidity before the slow grind resumes, which was expected since the 15/60-min stochastics were bullish mini-pups, thus a matter of threading the needle.   Closed out the morning with  +  $694 Profits