Trades for Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2017: + $615 Profits

10 Aug Trades for Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2017: + $615 Profits

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12:28 – SHORT 6200 BBY 61.43avg, COVERED 4200 at 61.33LIMIT, out + .10, COVERED 1500 at 61.28, out + .15, overnight swing on 500   =          + $615 intra-day


8/9/2017 – SHORT 500 BBY 61.43avg,

Total Intra-day P/L:   + $615 Profits



SPY set-up a bearish daily mini inverse pup giving us the heads up on the short-side. We scaled into BBY SHORT at 61.43avg on heavy size for the 60-min and daily MSH triggers. We added SHORTS up to 61.70s with hopes of getting more near that 61.89 fib but the SPY eventually broke down causing bearish tailwinds across the board. We scaled the big size into liquidity to trim 61.33-61.28 area and took the rest overnight. Closed out the day with  + $615 Intra-Day Profits.