Trades for Thursday, Aug. 31, 2017: + $532 Profits

31 Aug Trades for Thursday, Aug. 31, 2017: + $532 Profits

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9:36 – SHORT 300 GILD 83.82, STOPPED 83.98, out - .16      =          - $48

9:39 – SHORT 400 BLUE 118.40avg, COVERED 300 at 117, out + 1.40, COVERED 100 at 116.80, out + 1.60            =          + $532

Total   P/L:      + $532 Profits

BLUESHORTFIBS-08310217 BLUE08302017-labelled


SPY grinded the daily mini pup higher this morning to the 247.35 last pivots. We stopped out on GILD SHORT on the 1-min MSH trigger that reversed. The 60-min had a pup breakout so there was no point holding the short only to get grinded higher. We scaled into BLUE SHORT at 118.40avg, which was right near that 1.618 seed wave PRZ for a quick reversion rug pull to scalp 117 and 116.80 into the leans to 116.20s. Closed out the morning with + $532 Profits