Trades for Monday, May 2nd, 2016: + $1,522 Profits

02 May Trades for Monday, May 2nd, 2016: + $1,522 Profits

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9:43 – SHORT 5400 HAL 42.33avg, COVERED 3500 at 42.10, out + .23, COVERED 1500 at 41.94, out + .39, COVERED 400 at 92, out + .33

Total Daily P/L:          + $1,522 Profits



Had technical issues this morning. We were able to get working quotes on HAL which set up a 15-minute bearish crab after peaking near the 1.618 fib PRZ to scale in SHORTS at 42.33avg for the reversion panic leans back towards the 41.89 fib, scaled out at nicely for quick profits this morning. Closed out the morning with  + $1,522 Profits in first 20 minutes.