Trades for Fri, June 19th, 2015

19 Jun Trades for Fri, June 19th, 2015

9:33 – SHORT 1500 CAG at 41.90avg, COVERED 1200 at 41.58, out + .32, COVERED 300 at 41.70, out + .20       =            + $444

9:49 – SHORT 600 KMX 68.58avg, STOPPED at 68.95, out - .37       =            - $222

9:54 – BUY 500 KMX 69, SOLD 500 at 69.16, out + .16       =            + $80

9:59 – SHORT 300 CAG 42.28, STOPPED 42.37, out - .09       =            - $27

10:03 – BUY 500 HWAY 12.65, SOLD 500 at 12.83, out + .18                      =            + $90

10:19 – SHORT 2000 CAG 42.78avg, COVERED 1600 at 42.58, out + .20, COVERED 200 at 42.59, out + .18, COVERED 200 at 42.64, out + .14            =            + $384

10:55 – SHORT 300 KMX 69.86, STOPPED 70.08, out - .22       =            - $66

11:06 – SHORT 700 KMX 70.25avg, COVERED 600 at 69.85, out + .40, COVERED 100 at 69.73, out + .52            =            + $292

Total Daily P/L:     + $975

Total Weekly P/L:      + $4,184

Total Monthly P/L:      + $8,282

Total Yearly Profit:     + $38,825

CAG06192015superfinale KMX06192015superfinale


SPY started off the morning with a daily mini inverse pup but chopped most of the morning. We scalped CAG and KMX with precision breaks and reversions off the fibs. CAG started off with a nice short off the open as it peaked 42.05 fib as we scaled into with some size for the reversion. We took a small stop on KMX in the 42s to scale in heavy on the slow grind up through the 42.80 fib for the inevitable 1 minute mini inverse pup reversion leans back to stinky 2.50s range to scalp.   KMX was another SLOW GRINDER that stopped us out twice before nailing the short off the super fib 70.27 area.   Tricky morning but played out well. Closed out the morning with + $975 profits and week with + $4,184 profits.


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