Special $89 Monthly Test Drive at UndergroundTrader.com for a limited time

03 Apr Special $89 Monthly Test Drive at UndergroundTrader.com for a limited time

Second quarter earnings season is upon us and that's where the big profits are made in the wet trading climate. That's the bread and butter season to capture profits early and quickly in the mornings. We specialize in gaming the first 45 minutes of the trading day for quick and consistent profits. This period has the most liquid opportunities that we capture with precision trade alerts given to members in the chatroom in real-time with suggested price and size allocations with active analysis from beginning to completion of the trade. We meticulously measure the liquidity to ensure members are able to follow along.

The results and analysis of trades are are posted every day In full detail for free at: http://www.undergroundtrader.wordpress.com/

Trade results for March 2015:

Total profits:             + $10,284

Total win/loss days:    18-2             (90% win rate)

Average daily profit: $514

Full membership entails complete access to chatroom with over 3000 pages of trader training materials in the trader training section, market analysis, logs and chat privileges at UndergroundTrader.com.

This is a limited time offer expires next week. The regular rate of $250 a month applies thereafter.

Sign up here and select EMAIL for ‘who referred you’ on the application for the special $89 rate for 30 days access.


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